MoU-Read, Rejected, Recycled @ VAG | March 27, 2016. 2pm to 5pm

An Artistic Rejection of the Memorandum!

We ‘Read the MoU!’,
We ‘Reject the MoU!’,
We ‘Recycle the MoU!’

Come 27 March, Artists of Bengaluru will put the MoU to better Use!

A message to say that the artists having read the MoU have rejected it and appealed to scrap the MoU. The MoU is as good as scrap now and the artists will engage in creative ways of rejecting the MoU. Live art performances and MoU recycling action on 27th March between 2 to 5 pm at VAG.

Artists are appealing to the Govt since one month to scrap the MoU between the Govt and the Private foundation regarding Venkatappa Art Gallery. But the Government authorities are repeating again and again asking artists to read the MoU. Currently, as a continuation of the artist movement against the adoption of VAG by private foundation, we are holding MoU -Rejection art action  on “27th March 2016 -2 pm to 5 pm in Venkatappa Art Gallery”.

In anticipation to your continued support regarding this issue.


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