Sculpture Walk , Cubbon Park 17th April 10:00 A.M



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17th April 2016 I
Venkatappa Art Gallery
10:00 Am

A Walk to the Sculpture Park, A piece of Birthday Cake, A Peek into a Project
All in Store for You, On Sunday the 17th of April at Venkatappa Art Gallery, Bengaluru

Come Sunday, Cubbon Park adorns a serene atmosphere with no vehicles or honking or irate driver’s yelling or the thick smoke encompasing the greenery! Cubbon Park becomes a haven for people who love nature and the bounty it has to offer! People leisurely walk on the roads, the footpaths, the lawns with out fear. Children squeal and squeeze between the hedges and trees. Cyclists pedal around idling their time and suddenly hit into a race to the finish! Amidst this natural grandeur, sculptures created by 30 sculptors of Karnataka during a 15 day camp in 2015, stand as mute spectators! The camp organized by Kannada and Culture Department, Karnataka Shilpakala Akademi and Horticulture Department, gave birth to these sculptures, which now grace the environs of Cubbon Park. Shivaprasad S., the Camp Presiding Officer will take us around these sculptural installations. So let us gather at Venkatappa Art Gallery at 10am to begin the walk.

On 13th April 1975, Venkatappa Art Gallery was opened as an Arts Centre, during the time of Chiefminister Devaraj Urs. From then on, Venkatappa Art Gallery has witnessed an array of artists and events for 41 years, making this a hub of art activities. This week the gallery completed its 41st year of journey serving the art scenario. Join us, to celebrate and get a bite of the cake cut in remembrance of this grand day!

To end the day with food for thought, let us have a peek at Abhishek Hazra’s Project titled “Support Structures? / Yearning for an Outside” which opened on 15th April, 2016. In Namma Abhishek’s own words, this is not exactly an ‘about’ but still gives a taste, a feel, of what he is trying to explore, “There is an attempt here to listen to the imperfectly illuminated Kobrej, who also moonlights as a distiller of coal tar and other sticky hydrocarbons. We might explore how futurophilic traders of his ilk tend to stay away from his elementary caves painted in a very habitable shade of black. However, we could also possibly benefit from his bi-monthly ‘making’ sessions on how to gently blunt the Ockham’s razor in a manner that deepens the bends and double binds in this crooked timber.”

Like in the events before, we would like to see our artist friends in large numbers and help us in keeping Venkatappa Art Gallery an active hub. This is a step forward in the direction we all envisioned on our historic Karnataka World Cafe day on 10th April 2016. We take this opportunity to thank you all once again for making our first ‘KWC’ a historic and memorable event.

Look forward to the “Togetherness and Oneness” of such events…

10.00- Assemble at Venkatappa Art Gallery
10.15 to 11.30- A Walk to the Sculpture Park along with Shivaprasad S. – The Curator
11.30 to 12.00- Cake cutting to commemorate Venkatappa Art Gallery Birthday on 13th April
12.00 to 01.00- Abhishek Hazra Project


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