Meera Gyanchand collects Signatures from Sadashivnagar


They came rushing to sign. There was a lot of excitement. I am very popular in my area. All around my house there are politicians. Santosh Hegde lives next door.

The experience was amazing. When I put up the canvas I felt it was too big (3×4 feet). Even before adjusting the canvas they said Venkatappa! Venkatappa!, and came running to sign. “I will support” they were shouting. It was stunning.

Only 1 person was for privatizing so I explained to him. There were many listening to my explanation.

The children asked me many questions and said that they wanted to exhibit their paintings.

People don’t want privatization of VAG.

Even today at Sankey tank they were asking if they can come to my house and sign.

My small contribution as an artist.

Nearly 380 I could count many overlaping. 4×3 canvas. Many figures looks like a work of art.

About 12 to 2pm
I am a member of VAG forum

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