VAG Sambrama Tribute to Media

We are pleased to share with you, our happiness in the successful start to
‘Sambhrama2017’. ‘Sambhrama 2017′ is an event to commemorate the coming
together of artists for a democratic cause on 14th February 2016. The
artists’ resistance to Venkatappa Art Gallery being given away in adoption
to a private gallery, saw a series of events and protests to express their
angst against it. ‘Sambhrama 2017’ is an occasion to be together once
again. It is also an opportunity to thank all those who have supported this

On, 12th February 2017, videos of all the events and protests
against the adoption which was taken up by Venkatappa Art Gallery Forum,
were streamed in the gallery. The video display relived the emotions and
togetherness of the artist community. The gallery wore a festive mood, with
colour and light decorations. An exclusive sculpture thanking the media is
installed outside the gallery. There were various other events happening
outside the gallery in celebration of the day. We have attached few photos
of the event for your perusal. We hope you give a good coverage of the
event, as always. We are sincerely thankful to you for your continued

VAG Forum thanks the press for your continued support regarding the issue.

Thanking you

Warm regards


vagforumv@gmail.comTribute-Media (2)

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