Points of Discussion

A bulleted list of points that the Artists wish to discuss regarding the issue at hand with Venkatappa Art Gallery’s status.

MoU & VAGforum’s Critique

The Memorandum of Understanding, made between the Government of Karnataka
represented by the Department of Archaeology, Museums and Heritage (1st Party), The
Department of Tourism (3rd Party), and MAP, a division of the Tasveer Foundation, a Trust
represented by its Trustee Mr. Abhishek Poddar (2nd Party),is a Stand-alone document,
meaning it is specially formulated, with its own special conditions, for this particular context.
It is a MoU that is clearly drafted by the Second Party – Mr. Abhishek Poddar, more or less
giving himself complete control. The various aspects of the MoU as discussed later here will
make that evident. The Government has endorsed such a draft without any particular
conditions of its own; to safeguard its own interest let alone that of the artist community! It is
a MoU that says a lot in analysis but very little in words.

Letters to the Government of Karnataka

To The Minister of Tourism, RV Deshpande : 26th Feb : Covering letter 26th Feb : Petitition To The Minister Kannada and Culture, Umashree : 17th March : Covering letter To The Chief Minister of Karnataka, Siddaramaiah : 22nd March : Letter and Acknowledgement Post from the CM