Govt needs to step in, take a stand on protests over gallery

31st March | Times of India |Rohith BR

Pdf: MArch 31st Govt needs to step in, take a stand on protests over gallery – Times of India

Defending his minor sister from a drug addict and harasser proved costly for a fine arts student, who was stabbed multiple times in the buttocks and underwent three surgeries to repair his torn anus, on Monday.

The accused, who is all of 15 years old, his mother, and three others, allegedly waylaid the victim near his house after the latter screamed at him for harassing his sister for over three months. While the four boys have been arrested, the woman is still at large.

The victim, Praveen Kumar, a resident of Jayanagar 1st block, is currently in post-operative care at a private hospital on Bannerghatta Road. He underwent three surgeries in a span of one week to repair the badly-torn anal cavity, and might require another surgery after three more months.

Kumar, who is still an inpatient in the hospital’s general ward, is under constant observation. The youth was pursuing his master’s in fine arts from a college in Banashankari.

Praveen’s mother, Parvathi, a social worker told Mirror that her daughter, a student of standard nine at a reputed convent in Jayanagar, was teased regularly and sexually harassed by the main accused, who is also a minor. “This boy used to be my daughter’s classmate until the school suspended him three months ago due to his drug addiction.” Even after this, the accused would wait outside the school for her daughter and harass her. “He would follow her all the way home holding a knife and threaten to kill her if she didn’t listen to him. My daughter, though scared initially, informed us about the harassment,” she said.

Last Sunday, Parvathi phoned Kumar, who was watching TV at an uncle’s house in Siddapura, and asked him to rush home. The youth did so and caught the accused harassing his sister red-handed.

Parvathi and Kumar, then, took the accused to his mother, Pramila, asking her to knock sense into the boy’s head. Instead of chiding her son, the woman reportedly asked Parvathi not to send her daughter to school. When the argument heated up, the accused reportedly began chasing the mother-son duo in public on the main road, near Siddapura Gate.

“Pramila, her husband Ashwathappa, and their son, accompanied by two notorious men – Gonne Manja and Gunda alias Tippe, chased us in an auto rickshaw. They managed to corner my son and he was stabbed in the backside three times,” Parvathi rued.

The victim was rushed to a nearby hospital where doctors performed a scan and said he needed immediate surgery. The victim’s uncle, Mutthu Raj, who is a KSRTC employee, claimed the attack was pre-meditated.

“My nephew never harmed anyone. All he did was to try to stand up for his sister, and look how it turned out. He has been heavily sedated due to the pain and is bandaged up. The men have been arrested, but the woman – who is the main instigator of the crime in my opinion – has not been arrested,” he said adding that if she had advised her son to change his ways instead of supporting him, none of this would have happened.

When contacted, the Siddapura police maintained that they were on the lookout for Pramila. “We have registered a case under Sec 307, 114, and 149 for attempt to murder, abetting and being present during a crime, and unlawful assembly,” a senior police official said.