More protests in store to save the gallery

Around 70 artists gathered at Venkatappa Art Gallery on Saturday and made landscape drawing of the gallery, which they would carry during their protest in front of the Town Hall on Sunday, which many artists said this is going to be biggest protest till date.

Sheila Gowda, an artist said, “There are lots of artists who have emotional attachment with the gallery. The state government’s argument of handing the gallery to Tasveer foundation is a sad. It also exposes the state government which has time and again displayed its inefficiency in maintaining the gallery.”

Artists who gathered here to on Saturday were of the opinion that the adoption of the gallery is nothing to do with the patronage to arts, but a way of grabbing a prime property for selfish gains.

Surekha, an artist, said, “The city needs hundreds of museum, why is the government only eyeing VAG, which is in far better condition than other galleries in the state. If government is serious about providing support to the art fraternity, let them come up with a gallery at a new place and give it for adoption to the Tasveer foundation.”